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Rackspace Power Bandwidth Network IP BDIX Price
1U Rack Space 1 Amp Power(220V) 100 MbpsInternational 1 Gbps Uplink /29 IP Address Yes

$69.00/month On sale - Save 30%

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2U Rack Space 1 Amp Power(220V) 100 MbpsInternational 1 Gbps Uplink /29 IP Address Yes

$85.00/month On sale - Save 30%

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21U Half Cabinet 2.5 Amp Power(220V) 100 MbpsInternational 1 Gbps Uplink /29 IP Address Yes

$595.00/month On sale - Save 30%

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42U Locked Cabinet 5 Amp Power(220V) 100 MbpsInternational 1 Gbps Uplink /29 IP Address Yes

$995.00/month On sale - Save 30%

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NVME SSD Disk Drives

Our Usa VPS Servers are configured with Pure NVMe SSD. Which gives 10x speed compared to regular SSDs and More liability and lifespan. So now, content will load faster than ever. And of course, no more data loss or drive crashing! Just enjoy the speed and relax!

1GBPS Network

Network speed matters a lot, when you need your website to be fast enough to satisfy your customers! And that's where our 1GBPS Network kicks in! We can guarantee you an excellent experience for you and your customers. Just a blink of your eye and your content is ready!

DDoS Protection

In this interconnected world, there is always some risk for every user. DDoS attacks can temporarily terminate or create vulnerabilities for your website. But don't worry, We got you covered! Our servers are fully protected from DDoS and other cyber threats. No worries. Let the professional do their job!

Dedicated IP

Dedicated IP helps you stay secure and it helps to protect your users while they are connected to you. We provide Dedicated IP for our VPS servers. So you don't have to face problems regarding this! Just enjoy our service!

White Listed IP

Our every IP is white listed. They are spam free and that's important for businesses. We check every IPs on a regular basis so you don't have to deal with any black listed IPs. We are just the best!

All Ports Are Open

Every Port is open on our servers. It's totally safe and you don't have to worry about it if you are a regular user. It helps our corporate clients to secure their website better than ever. If you want a server with every port open, go and place an order in our package section.

Available Operating Systems With Maximum Speed

Objectively innovate high compellingly maintain multidisciplinary process improvements whereas premium performance per node guaranteed.


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All of our USA servers are located in our state of the art secured datacenter in Phoenix, AZ.

KVM VPS, OpenVZ, and Xen, are virtualization types of virtual private server. KVM is Linux-based virtualization software, and a software technology used for creating a hypervisor. In a virtual private server, the hypervisor separates the different servers hosted on a physical machine. Service providers further places the physical machine in a well-protected data center. Hence, your service provider's datacenter plays a role in your server's safety.

In recent years, the virtual private server has taken over the traditional hosting technology. Today, a lasting solution is available to solve high traffic issues and content jamming. Users can now upload their websites with little or no delay. Many reputable companies will provide nothing less than 99.9% uptime. The improved technology also contributes to multi VPS hosting. These days servers can host websites, game servers, forex, and media at the same time. However, the bulkiness of the server also influences the number of resources available. Hence, resources vary in the virtual private server world. Interestingly, each resource performance doesn't affect one another. Unlike shared hosting, you are less bothered about threatening situations or exposure to neighboring servers.

As you read this article further, it provides detailed information on KVM VPS server technology, its benefits, and selecting the best KVM VPS.

Have you been experiencing slow loading speed on your shared hosting, it's high time you upgraded to a better hosting platform. Foremost, each user on VPS hosting is entitled to dedicated server resources. That is, whenever a server runs out of resources, you still have yours intact. You do not need to fear your resources slipping away. With the use of a hypervisor, each server runs on its operating system without interjection. This hypervisor separates the hardware into smaller forms, allocating each server with the storage space it needs.

All VPS platforms depends on virtualization. The virtualization technique involves the use of a software tool to split a server. The tool we use is the Kernel-based virtual machine. KVM has its origination from RedHat, in the year 2008. Privacy and customization are the utmost criteria in finding the best VPS service. It had led to the development of various server virtualization, including KVM. Although having discussed VPS initially, before delving into what a KVM is, let's briefly talk about VPS about other hosting platforms.

VPS is an intermediary between dedicated and shared hosting. Although VPS isn't as cheap as shared hosting, it provides the same features available in dedicated server, at a lesser price. Contrary to VPS, users own a physical machine in dedicated hosting. However, a VPS server is suitable for almost every business, providing adequate resources. Moreover, the hypervisor gives you the isolation your business needs.

There are several VPS virtualization available, which function varies based on the specification of your website. Hence, understand your website needs, before choosing your preferred specialization. Also, each virtualization has its striking features, with definite advantages and disadvantages. In many cases, KVM VPS is suitable for almost every website needs. In case you aren't sure, what is KVM VPS server technology?

KVM VPS is the shortened form of a Kernel-based virtual machine. This virtual machine depends on the Linux-based kernel. However, KVM connects this kernel to the root node, making it possible to run your server on a different operating system. KVM acts as hypervisor in VPS, making it possible to host several servers. The Linux kernel, where the KVM is built, then enables it to be a second-level hypervisor. Also, KVM allocates resources to each user, based on the number a server needs to run effortlessly. Hence, you can expect a fair distribution of the shared resources. In a nutshell, a kernel virtual machine allows you to use your Linux hypervisor. It also permits users to migrate between Windows and Linux-based VPS on the same hardware, which is often an added advantage for hosting providers.

Managed or unmanaged VPS: In selecting the best KVM VPS, your level of technical knowledge is of top priority. You can consider your ample time, and how well you can manage a KVM VPS before choosing a package plan.

Based on operation, VPS can either be managed or unmanaged. In managed VPS, your service provider is responsible for your server maintenance, regular updates, system control, software, and application installation. In this case, you are less bothered about technology- problems. More so, a proficient service provider will detect a potential threat and proffer a solution, without your knowledge. On the other hand, unmanaged VPS leaves users to be in charge of server activities. Hence, we recommend only expert users subscribe to the unmanaged VPS plan. Although the managed VPS is naturally costlier, users spend more in unmanaged VPS. It applies when they pay for the service of an external technician. Moreover, in the process of solving the human-induced error, it might attract extra cost.

Each VPS normally comes with 1 ips, but we can offer additional ips for Game hosting, Web hosting, or other acceptable justification.

As soon as you purchase VPS from us, your VPS will be setup instantly. You will receive your account information through email after setup is completed.

Shared and VPS hosting have certain similarities but are basically very different kinds. Shared hosting is basically for beginners and small or micro-businesses. With all resources being shared, users don’t get any sort of assurance of CPU or RAM with shared hosting. With no full root access to the server, you don’t get full control of your servers and are rather restricted. But for a beginner or in the initial phase of your website, shared hosting provides an apt platform for your website being a fully managed platform. In which you get the assistance of our customer support team round the clock to tackle any issue that you might come across in due process. Contradictorily, VPS hosting comes with fully dedicated resources which you need not share. With full root access, you get complete control of your resources i.e. your CPU, Ram, and even get to select your OS as per your preference and convenience. So, you get the benefit of dedicated servers at a price point close to shared hosting. All this with 24/7 customer support for all your hosting-related queries.

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